You can install ModSecurity and the rules by yourself if you have some experience with server administration. Alternatively you can let us install them for you for a reasonable price.

If you wish to make the installation by yourself, you can learn more about the installation procedure by visiting this page for installing the ModSecurity module and this page for installing the core rule set.

ModSecurity is a web application layer firewall. It keeps an eye on the requests made to your WWW server and filters attempts to hack websites or misuse vulnerabilities in web applications. It has a set of hundreds of rules to keep your server and websites secure.

ModSecurity is an absolutely essential part of server security among other techniques.

By using web application vulnerabilities hackers and ill-doers can use your server to send spam, to create phishing pages, to deface websites among other things. Your server could end up in spam black list or the data center could suspend it. In the worst case they could gain root access to your server and use it as they wish.